Quality - On Time Delivery - Exceeding Expectations

Since 1953, Filger Mfg. has provided the U.S.A. with quality machined parts and delivery. Today, Filger Mfg.  specializes in high-precision and high-tolerance CNC machine and assembled components. We pride ourselves on being able to master intricate and difficult parts that our competitors are unable to machine.



Our Services

As experts in CNC Machining, we primarily create parts for the aerospace industry, semi-conductor industry, and medical industry.  We have capabilities to make high-precision and high-tolerance parts for anyone who is in need of specialist in our area of expertise.


Our Equipment

Filger Manufacturing has taken the lead on updating our shop with top of the line CNC Machines for over 40 years.  Three generations of the Filger family have consistently upgraded our original 1950’s conventional vintage machine shop into a 2000’s ultra-high precision computerized manufacturing company.  


Our Standard

Job quality is our number one priority and is what makes our product stand out above the rest.  On time delivery is critical and we work with our customers to establish delivery times that are reasonable, yet with a quick turnaround. 


Contact Us

We are looking forward to hearing from you to see how we can work with each other.  We invite you to contact us anytime for any reason.  Don’t hesitate!